Re: NANFA-L-- My apaologies to change the topic!

Derek Parr (
Wed, 10 May 2006 23:11:42 -0400

ah.. well that would actually make since then (kind of)..
I double checked and there were NO names mentioned in that post. Just
one vague post about "eurpoeans" decimating some location.. and another
expounding on the whole greyness of the story. Steffan: please try
making it clear next time of what you're talking about... you almost
got pinned with something worse that what you thought you were getting
criticized for! lol

word of mouth sure can be a dangerous thing.
lets not play the telephone game.
I can't be the only newbie reading this list. ;]
Our ignorance is notorius.

-derek parr

Sinclair wrote:

> Derek, and All:
> I'm rather certain Steffan Hellner isn't the person offering a Chinese
> Sturgeon on AquaBid about whom we've been talking. I've only met
> him once, and that quite briefly,-in-the Northwest Killifish convention
> in Portland OR several years ago. He was on the program, but I was
> unable to stick around to hear his presentation. However it is my
> impression that he is a very serious and responsible freshwater fishes
> enthusiast.
> I ran a Google check on his name and found several postings by him
> to the NANFA list back in 2003.
> There was a recent very scathing posting to either the NANFA list or
> the NFC list (I forget which) on the subject of Europeans collecting
> huge numbers of fishes to take back across the Atlantic for sale in the
> aquarium trade. I think Steffan Hellner's name was mentioned in that
> regard (but I'm not positive about that). If so, that probably is what his
> message concerns.
> Bob
> Santa Barbara CA
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