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Jerry Baker (
Wed, 10 May 2006 22:09:30 -0700 wrote:
> That would just about eliminate most of this hobby. Many regulations that I
> have read make it illegal to release live fish (or even dead ones) in a body of
> water other than where they were captured, if I remember correctly and they
> haven't changed recently.

California: 14 CCR Section 1.63
Except as provided in sections 4.00 through 4.30 and 230, live fin fish
taken under the authority of a sport fishing license may not be
transported alive from the water where taken.

sections 4.00 through 4.30 basically allow you to possess live fish to
use as bait, and in Southern California live bait is illegal except for
longjaw mudsuckers, threadfin shad where captured, and golden & red
shiners in San Diego County.

Arizona: Fish and Game Rule 12-4-315
An individual may possess fish taken alive under on the waters where
taken, except when the take or possession is expressly prohibited, but
the individual shall not transport the fish alive from the waters where
taken except as allowed in R12-4-316 (bait fish).

As far as I have seen, most states say the same things.

Jerry Baker
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