Re: NANFA-L-- Re: Chinese Sturgeon on AquaBid

Jerry Baker (
Thu, 11 May 2006 08:10:24 -0700

matt ashton wrote:
> That is a GREAT question! It isn't even learning once. If it was you would think something born in captivity and then released into the wild would then have that one time shot. I have no clue. Maybe there is a point of no return with what they learn over time. I'm no behavioral scientist, but I sure know when my darters take food off the surface that isn't normal behavior and something I would want to persist in the wild. Though you could start a dry fly fishing market for logperch.

I think all of us have probably seen the way captive animals are raised
in captivity without human contact through the use of puppets and other
seemingly crazy techniques. Perhaps the same can be done for fish by
only feeding them in a manner that will equip them with the skills
necessary to find food-in-their intended point of release. Most of the
fish I'm interested in around here are algae eaters and do a small
amount of benthic feeding which would make this a relatively easy task.
I assume that just providing the same type of substrates and species of
algae would be sufficient in terms of feeding habits. Of course making
the temperature, conductivity, pH, and water current a close
approximation is also necessary.
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