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Oh, a bit of non-fish trivia? Who wrote The Screwfly Solution *(hint -
it was an SF writer) and who was the person behind the pseudonym that it
was written under? Another hint: Kurt Vonnegut is RIGHT OUT! (to
paraphrase Monty Python). Plus Vonnegut did not write as Kilgore Trout,
as some think. Hey, there's a fish tie-in after all! Feel free to reply
off-list so as not to consume NANFA bandwidth.

Apologies to those not of a literary bent.


"He says there's no doubt about it, it was the myth of fingerprints.
I've seen them all and man, they're all the same." - Paul Simon

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>Ah yes, The Screwfly Solution. Wouldn't work with gambusia, I think.
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