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Once a species has been in domestic maintenance for several
generations, it is no longer the wild form. It does retain an
evolutionary relationship to the wild form. Perhaps in a few cases
the genotype may remain very close. But it is not the same animal.
Can such animals be used in restoration work? That's really a
stretch. USFWS-in-its Dexter laboratories in New Mexico works very
hard to maintain genetic integrity, and to prevent pathogen
contamination as well. Even these professionals are not always
successful-in-what they do. Reintroduction of domesticated animals
would be similar to trying to restore wolves by turning loose a few
huskies or elkhounds.

I have to disagree, release a large number of domestic goldfish into the
wild, in a pond or even a stream. In a very few generations you will have wild
type goldfish again. I've seen it happen in even small ponds. animals are often
genetically more plastic than we give them credit for.

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