Re: NANFA-L-- Old story, new twist? Old twist new story

Michael Gaines (
Mon, 15 May 2006 12:18:25 -0700 (PDT)

What do you mean by "the Mississippi" and "the Amazon". You do realize that most of the fish that come from "the Amazon" are actually from the drainage, not the main river, right? And if you consider the entire Mississippi drainage, there is incredible diversity. Also, remember the size of the Mississippi drainage. Any fish released in the Mississippee drainage could wind up in any tributary large enough to support it. Remember, Gambusia were released with good intentions too.
Michael wrote:
The Mississippi doesn't even come
close to the diversity of most big tropical rivers around the world. Lets face
it, the Mississippi has a definite disparity of fish along with it's lack of
diversity. We wild wonderful humans have done our absolute best to destroy
what diversity the Mississippi had to begin with but the disparity of the life
forms comes from it being a basically cold water river. Yes, we as humans
can rase both the diversity and reverse the disparity of the life forms in the
Mississippi. I know most of NANFA-in-this point think I am league with the
devil or have lost my mind or something similar but lets as a group turn this
into a thought experiment. Much can be learned from thought experiments.
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