Re: NANFA-L-- Fish ID request

Dan Johnson (
Mon, 15 May 2006 22:21:43 -0500

Thanks Peter and others for the helpful replies. Unfortunately after my
last post yesterday, I was planting native plants in my yard and cut my
cable clean in two with a shovel. So had to fix things before this

I like the identification of 47 as Campostoma anomalum. The environment
is only very slightly hilly, but the creek had large boulders of
sandstone scattered about.

#12: I found a survey of Houston area fish online. Both Notropis
ludibundus and N. amabilis have been collected in the general vicinity
of where this one was collected, according to the survey. Is there any
chance it could be the latter?

Thanks again.


Peter Unmack wrote:
> On Sun, 14 May 2006, Dan Johnson wrote:
> > I went collecting about 60 miles NW of Houston, TX yesterday in an area
> > I've never collected before. The areas is in the Colorado river
> > drainage. I have three photos of things I collected that I need help
> > identifying. You can see the photos at
> > Thanks in advance. My previous
> > request for help proved very successful.
> It really helps to know a bit more about the environments you were
> catching the fish in as there is a lot of zonation in Texas between
> lowland stuff and more hilly habitats. Looks like you were in hilly stuff
> though based on some of the species.
> bullhead_minnow is correct. 47 is Campostoma anomalum (I think), 12 may
> be Notropis stramineus perhaps. I can't tell what 26 is.
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