Re: NANFA-L-- Good Quote Earth Attacked!

Hold The Cow! (
Thu, 18 May 2006 15:11:26 -0400

> I disagree, human kind is a life bearing planets way to reproducing.
> Intelligence is the way a planet like the earth transfers it's self to
> more planets.


>Maybe I am interpreting this incorrectly, but who are you to decide that
>'human intelligence' is the panacea or role model of intelligence?

The world and people in which you live in and with, is just one model of
reality. Other species are not failed attempts-in-being you...they are
unique manifestations of the world, all embodied with their own kind of
intelligence to adapt to their surroundings, without killing the world in
the process... this is where humans differ, as the earth could thrive
without human life.

We are the only species that goes way above and beyond what we actually need
to be comfortable and to live a healthy and quality of life, because we are
driven by greed, and not need. There is far to much emphasis on what are
actually 'wants' and not 'needs' that have our species greedily plundering
this planet to death, and we know what we are doing, and the possible
adverse outcomes.

Is this intelligence then or is this ignorance... or intelligence walking
hand in hand with ignorance? The only way we have progressed is
technologically... we have regressed in so many other creating
scenarios of solving one problem, then creating 10 more in the process.
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