RE: NANFA-L-- Good Quote Earth Attacked!

Irate Mormon (
Thu, 18 May 2006 18:32:20 -0500

>the process... this is where humans differ, as the earth could thrive
>without human life.
The earth could thrive without any particular species- we are not unique
in that respect
>We are the only species that goes way above and beyond what we actually
>to be comfortable and to live a healthy and quality of life, because we
>driven by greed, and not need
I disagree again - all species are driven by "greed", to the extent that
they would propagate themselves as much as possible, even-in-the expense
of some poor "lesser" species. Eventually the system's carrying
capacity is reached, and neither need nor greed becomes relevant.

My take, and I have said this many times before, is that it doesn't
really matter how badly we "mess" things up. Unless we kill every
single organism on the planet, nature will rebound. A new ecology will
emerge. This is a natural process. Glaciers, volcanoes, etc. have
driven such events in the past. Mankind is no different. Our motives
are irrelevant. Humans are a part of (and, as most here believe, a
product of) nature, therefore environmental destruction (or you may call
it alteration) caused by our activities is natural.

What makes me a conservationist (let us not mention the e-word) is that
I enjoy the animals we have now, and I don't wish to see them disappear
in my lifetime. This is strictly a selfish motive - driven by greed, if
you will :-) Nothing new here that I've never said before - just want
to give this thread a little grounding in reality, Irate-style.

The bottom line is, THEY'RE ALL GONNA DIE. Except for maybe ganoids and
coelacanths. Sooner or later.
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