Re: NANFA-L-- Good Quote Earth Attacked!

Hold The Cow! (
Fri, 19 May 2006 13:05:38 -0400

>I saw this too late, Bruce, sorry for the additional posts. I don't see
> anybody getting upset here; everybody seems to take this in the spirit
> of an academic discussion, which it is. But consider it dropped.
> -Irate

That's what I said. No one has resorted to hitting below the belt, calling
names....stomping feel and all.. Since when did acknowledging reality and
discussing off-shoot topics a bit deeper sometimes, become a bad thing? Look
at it as a sport instead, or somewhat as a talk show forum online, and not
an invitation to do otherwise. If it strays too far off the beaten path,
let's just all diffuse it so we don't look bad to newcomers on the list.

Who was it who said...."Make people think they are thinking and they love
you, get them to actually think, and they resent you!"

I don't resent you Martin! I had fun in Mississippi in 2000! Ha! :-)

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