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Moon, I don't have time for this. You'd need to find your own data.

I don't think there is any data that supports your side. I have seen data
that gives very little support to your general premise but for the most part
the data is weak except when the fish is an obvious trouble maker like the
flathead catfish or the peacock bass. Most releases don't result in much in the
way of problems no matter how much you would like to see it. Most releases are
benign. when a problem does occur it gets so much attention you would think
there is always a huge problem. If you release striped bass, flatheads cats,
or some other very aggressive predator you will get some data that supports
your way of thinking but so far very little data can be shown that supports
extinction or other massive problems. Of course being hit by a 40 pound carp
while you are in your boat can't be fun either. I think the problem is being

Michael Hissom
aurea mediocritas
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