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I'm curious about what North American fish species, if any, are being sold
in the aquarium fish trade.

I'm a newby-in-both aquariums and native fish, so this question may be
common knowledge to everyone else on the list. If so, I apologize for what
may seem to be a dumb question. However, I have been doing some research on
the Internet, reading various aquarium books and magazines, and visiting the
local aquarium stores for the last couple of months. I have yet to come
across a discussion or even just a list of North American fish that
routinely show up in fish stores. Any suggestions?

Trust me, around here no question is a dumb question. Actually you might be
surprised to find the number of north American fish that are sold in pet
stores. Most of them have been breed in captivity for so many generations they are
hardly recognizable but to me a wild molly is vastly superior to mollies
bred in captivity for decades. I think you'll fish a lot of plants as well. Most
of the fish probably come from central America now days and there are so
many truly beautiful north American fish you can catch yourself most people
would rather go collecting than pet shopping. Especially now days when pet shops
have become a maze of just a few species. If you do find a pet shop with a
good collection of fish let me know. now days you are lucky to find much more
than a couple dozen species in any one pet shop these days. I know that the
variety of aquarium sized and beautiful fish is what attracted me to native
fish in the first place.

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