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I am helping a school science and mathematics enter set up a pond aquarium and
a stream aquarium. I suggested that the instructors "get out in the field" to
better understand and appreciate where these fishes come from, and this idea
was well received.

With the time frame suggested below, I was thinking about something in the
Grand River Watershed, perhaps Swine Creek. Are there any Ohio, or "close
enough" NANFA members who would like to participate in something where we can
demonstrate some seining techniques and gather a few fish for them?

I have installed 2 -180 gallon aquariums in the science center for them. This
is an enthusiastic group of women wanting to learn more about North American
Fishes and raising them in aquaria. Do we have some volunteers, or am I going
to have to handle al these women by myself? :-)

The message one of the instructors sent to me, after I suggested such a trip
is posted below: These are also new potential NANFA members. Please email me
directly if you can help out.

Rob Carillio


We'll set up more training sessions soon. Yes, Kelly is doing a great job!
We're working out a summer feeding/maintenance schedule now. I think it would
be very nice to set up an outing to get the team of teachers into the "field"
to help them gain a better understanding of all these fish and their
environment. Let's try & plan something. They can probably only get away for
a couple hours max and it would have to be the 05/31-06/05. Is there anyway
we can arrange something as soon as that? The teachers are done after June
5th (for the most part) for the summer. I'm in part-time throughout the
summer and Cookie and Kelly will be coming in weekly to assist with the
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