NANFA-L-- Houston area fish collections from today

Dan Johnson (
Sat, 20 May 2006 21:19:00 -0500

Went collecting for a couple hours today on the west edge of Houston.
Plecostomus - large numbers of young
Spotted gar - 1
Gizzard Shad - many
Threadfish Shad - 1
Red Shiner - many
Smallmouth buffalo - 1
Channel catfish - 1
Yellow bullhead - many young
Madtom (tadpole?) - 1
Sailfin molly - a few
Gambusia - many
Green sunfish - a couple
bluegill - several
longear sunfish - several
slough darter - 1
Rio Grande Cichlid - 1
Blue Tilapia - 3

I have posted pictures of many of the above, plus a couple unidentified
fish. The URL is . All photos are of
fish collected today, except sunfish1a and sunfish1b, which I previously
posted a poor picture of. Let me know if anything is incorrectly IDed.
I'm curious on opinions on the ID of sunfish1 and sunfish2 Thanks!

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