NANFA-L-- Some questions on quarantine -medication / feeding bottom

Ben Dattilo (
Sun, 21 May 2006 11:42:55 -0400

[I think this post is on topic-several questions have been building up!?]

I want to make sure I am not transporting parasites into the aquarium when I
bring fishes home. I have heard snippets about quarantine and also about
using "medication". In the general category of capture, transport, and
quarantine, does anyone have any suggestions for good procedures, equipment
(air bubblers, modification of coolers as holding tanks?) and types/brands
of medications-or things to avoid doing for the typical fishes (minnows,
sunfishes, darters)

Also, I read with great interest Todd's article on the Ultimate system, and,
I wondered if anyone else has found alternatives to saturation feeding for
keeping darters and suckers (in my case northern hognose) in good health in
a community tank? I have tried sinking pellets but I don't think that the
sucker gets-in-those either . . I was thinking of installing a tube to
transport frozen foods directly to the bottom as the voracious minnows eat
pellets and flakes-in-the surface of the tank . . .Chris' article about
snails suggested to me that it might be a good idea to get a colony of
snails going for some of the darters (suckers?) to graze on as well ?
Perhaps some other inverts?

With todds article in mind, there are some other marine tank things that I
thought might be adapted to native fish keeping. Has anyone tried a
refugium for keeping a host of invertebrates and plants going in the system?
Has anyone tried modifying a personal (tabletop) refrigerator as an
inexpensive alternative to a chiller?

Also, I have heard a lot about the necessity of a cool period for inducing
spawning, but nothing about photic period???-any data?

Finally, where is that place I can post pictures as a nanfaite-whoever is in
charge of that please email me back

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Ben Dattilo, Big Sandy Basin, Kentucky
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