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Mysteryman (
Sun, 21 May 2006 11:08:53 -0700

Ben Dattilo wrote:

>Also, I have heard a lot about the necessity of a cool period for inducing
>spawning, but nothing about photic period???-any data?
Personally, I've found that dropping the photoperiod to 8.5hrs per day
does a good job of simulating winter, and after a 1-2 month period of
that I increase the photoperiod by around 15 minutes every 2-3 days
while increasing the temp an avg of 1F every 3-4 days. Once I hit 11 hrs
photoperiod I stop the increase, and by then the temp is usually in the
low to mid 70's. The fish usually spawn right about then, especially if
given a nice water change with distilled water to drop the hardness &
simulate the rain. It really depends on where I started and where I plan
to stop, though, and I often don't start the temp increase until well
after the photoperiod increase has begun in earnest.
Bear in mind that the species in question is a big factor to consider,
and this won't be expected to work the same way for different species.
Some of the other guys probably don't bother with photoperiod-in-all,
while some others may well be far more exacting with it than I am.

As for medicines, many north american species are extra sensitive to
many aquarium fish meds, thus complicating treatment. You mentioned
sunfishes, for example, and they're some of the worst.
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