NANFA-L-- "Good Quote-Earth Attacked - Diffused?"

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Sun, 21 May 2006 23:04:12 -0400

I think the "Good Quote, Earth Attacked!" thread should be diffused because it
is one of those threads that has been hammered out with some good points. It
actually did have an origin relating specifically to native North American
fish, but that has swam away a while ago.

For those of you who have followed this thread, there would be no need to see
scenes of last week's episodes! I took on a lot of thoughts from many of you
out there who had some interesting points to make, and now I conclude that
thread by offering the following summary, of which I am not carving in stone.
I just ask that it be thought about and considered with an open mind. :-)

While it is true that major geological, etc. events have driven global
environmental alteration during the history of the earth, none of those forces
had the ability to think and reason, had free will, or had a conscious of
consequence, such as we do when we do things that can have a major
environmental impact on the world and economy for who knows how long. That is
the 'slight' difference here, I was attempting to illustrate.

Whether those past geo-events which altered the globe may either be considered
to some as either "disaster" or simply the way of the world, let's stop and
remember one small thing......

Whatever the force that drove a major global change, be it whatever any of you
pointed out......

The "big asteroid" did not have the ability to stop... think.. and say
"Hey... I better alter my course, or I will kill all the dinosaurs" The ice
age glaciers/snow/etc. did not have the ability to stop...smoke a cigarette,
and think for a moment and say.. "Hey, they'll all freeze to death if I keep
it up"....nor did, while microcosm examples of disaster, the volcanoes that
covered Pompeii stop in the middle of fury and say.. "Oh, excuse me, I didn't
mean to throw up on you, sir!" ... Or, the ice berg didn't have the ability to
apologize to the titanic.

On the other hand, we do have the ability to stop, think, and make better
choices that may not result in similar chaos someday. When a living being or
"civilized society" with the ability to think and reason knows what it is
doing, and that the results could be something terrible, and perhaps even
un-reversible for hundreds of thousands of years or much much more.... yet
continues to do it for the sake of feeding a profit machine...... (by the way,
how long has money existed in the earth's history? I'm sure it can't live
without it) Global changes that may occur from such activity can hardly be
compared to the kind of past natural events (except the Titanic thing!)
mentioned above which helped drive such global changes.

Those cycles did not have the ability to think and reason, nor were they
driven by conscious, thought, reason, and free will to make a choice, good or
bad. Therefore, introducing something to the world during what is the
industrial revolution (eg: new world poisoning liquid "x") in which it would
have never created, never saw, or unleashed on itself on it's own, via us
having the ability to invent, cannot be construed as "natural" eventhough the
human body participating IS natural in itself.

Such practice cannot be without consequence that maybe...just maybe...may deny
the world an evolutionary path that "it would have taken" had the civilized
society heeded nature's pre-warning signs of a heart attack.

This message will self destruct in 10 seconds!

Respectfully to All,
Rob C.

Ok, now that you all hate me and no one will come to a planned outing I have
near Grand River in late May, or early June! :-( Whaaaa!)

Rob Carillio
Mahoning River Watershed

P.S. Please excuse's too late to be perfect!
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