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Moon, can you show us some evidence to back up your contention below that
this is true?

And just to keep this on topic, I noticed in the LFS (That Fish Place,
Lancaster PA) that quite often bluefin killies and assorted darters are present in
the ghost shrimp tank. Someday, I am gonna get some.

Dean A. Markley

-------------- Original message ---------------------- From: > Yes of course, everything is natural. Some time about 250,000,000 years ago > there was a natural nuclear reactor in Africa. It ran off and on for few > million years. maybe some of our ancestors might have made them selves-in- home > in > the naturally warm caves within the reactor. YEAH, THAT'S THE TICKET! ALL > OUR NATURAL DRIVE TO POWER AND INTELLIGENCE WAS DRIVEN BY MUTATIONS CAUSED BY > EXPOSURE TO A RUNNING NUCLEAR REACTOR. NO PROTECTION WOULD MEAN SOME HEAVY > DUTY TRENDS TOWARDS MUTATIONS! Actually this little story is true but it's > problematic to say the least if any of our direct ancestors actually lived > there. > > Moon > Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the > difference

_The Oklo Natural Nuclear Reactor_ ( I assume this was what you meant and not the line about not aurguing with an idiot. I was wrong about the date, it occured quite a bit longer ago than 250,000,000 years ago.

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