Re: NANFA-L-- Devil's Hole Pupfish Go To Vegas; No Lie

Mysteryman (
Tue, 23 May 2006 21:07:56 -0700

Sinclair wrote:

> According to a story-in- the
> total population of Cyprinodon salinus salinus-in-Devil's Hole is
> a mere 36 fish. So 25% of the population is being moved. I hope
> this seemingly ill advised action doesn't prove to be speeding the
> death of the population. Mandalay Bay casino's aquarium?

When did the name get changed to salinus from diabolis?

Only 36 fish. Wow. I knew that little screw-up really did a lot of
damage, but good grief!

I am normally an advocate of captive breeding, but with only 36
remaining fish, I have to side with those who say "just leave them
alone" on this one. Well, almost. Couldn't they be supplementally fed or
something to spur production? It seems to me that growing their favorite
algae in mass quantities should be easy enough.
Here's another idea, albeit a bit goofy.
The food grows on only one little spot in the hole because that's the
only place the light reaches. There are still many good shelves
available for food growing, but they're in the dark. How hard would it
be to install some interior lighting for illuminating some of those
interior shelves to increase food growth for the pupfishes? Extra steps
would have to be taken to make any such lighting extraordinarily safe &
foolproof, of course. Is there any electricity available-in-the site?
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