Re: NANFA-L-- fish IDs

geoffrey kimber (
Wed, 24 May 2006 10:06:33 -0400

I have kept northern studfish before and they are a trip. Unlike most
other native topminnows I have kept, I have never been able to get
studfish to take flake - it's either frozen or live food, so that has
tempered my interest in these large, hungry fish.

Then again, I have only kept adults - I never tried converting
juveniles to flake or other prepared foods, so I don't know if it
could be done easily.

You will also need to cover the tank completely as these fish are jumpers.

Something to consider for collecting-

in southern KY in the green river drainage, I would often catch
younger studfish in riffles and other darter habitats, especially in
smaller streams. It was odd-in-first to keep pulling up a bunch of
topminnows in the same seine pull as darters.

It was *much* easier to catch them like this than by chasing down a
school of adult fish in open water. They are *fast*, as I'm sure you
have discovered.

You will also get younger fish this way which will be easier to
transport and may acclimate to aquarium life more readily.
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