NANFA-L-- chinese sturgeon update

Nick Zarlinga (
Wed, 24 May 2006 17:00:42 -0400

Here is an update that I recieved indirectly from USFW.

"All sturgeon in the Order Acipenseriformes are listed, as a group, in
Appendix II of CITES, unless listed specifically in Appendix I. Since the
Chinese Sturgeon is not listed in Appendix I, it's classified as CITES II by
default. All that's necessary to import CITES II Wildlife is a CITES II
Export Permit from the country of origin (along with applicable FWS Import
Licenses and the filing of Import Declarations). I realize this seller
advertised the sturgeon as endangered; however, the Chinese Sturgeon is not
listed on the list of Endangered or Threaten species protected by the U.S.
Endangered Species Act, therefore, no further protection is afforded this
species in the U.S."

This is all I know currently.

Nick Zarlinga
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