Re: NANFA-L-- sunfish ID
Wed, 24 May 2006 22:23:00 +0000 (GMT)

Hello Harry - nice colorful male sunfish.

First - I would check the local ranges for the various Lepomis species that may inhabit the stream.
The local DNR biologists may have the answer you need. Longear coloration is highly variable, but I do not recognize the multiple spots presented on your specimen. A soft flexible white tipped opercle flap = longear vs a rigid black opercle flap = redbreast. Research the dollar sunfish also, not sure if they range that far west ??

good luck

S. Wells
Delaware River Wshd

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From: Harry Thames
Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 5:57 pm
Subject: NANFA-L-- sunfish ID

> I caught this Sunday on the Escatawba river in south
> Mississippi. This was
> 1 of the 3 males that I caught, I caught approximately 16 or so
> along a 100
> ft sand bar. Most were 2.5" - 3". I have kept a few of these
> in years
> past, I had thought that these fish were Longear sunfish but
> some people
> have told me that they think it is a hybrid, specificly a
> longear -
> redbreast combo . I have caught hybrids before (green and red-
> ear cross,
> ect.ect.) but I have never caught a whole bunch of them and
> never for
> several years, (although I do catch them in the exact same
> place)

> I will be setting up a 125 gal native tank-in-my place of
> business and I
> will stock the tank with 4-5 of these and a large school of sail-fin
> shiners. I would like to have the fish properly Identified so I
> can print
> up a booklet for children in the waiting room, a sudo-
> educational thing
> (better and cheaper than cable in the long run)

> thanks

> here is a link to where I have hosted the pict on the web

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Longear Sunfish Project
Dept. of Env. Sci. & Biology
S.U.N.Y. College-in-Brockport
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