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Michael, CITES does not make it totally forbidden to bring a listed
species into the country. What it does is make is very difficult,
requiring demonstrable expertise, cooperation of officials in the
source country and here, a protocol that demonstrably has a realistic
chance of helping the recovery of the target species. This generally
boils down to practicing professionals. Though I can't think of an
example, I imagine that dedicated amateurs with deep pockets and a
record of conservation contributions and success might be able to do
something. Giant pandas have been brought to the U.S., but not just
by some guy who has kept a bear or a tiger-in-home, and believes he
can get another carnivore to reproduce.

Dave Mc

Yeah I know what you mean but where cites is especially rough if money is
going to be made from the animals in anyway and sometimes lack of money is the
main problem with any habitat restoration or breeding program. Breeding and
selling a small percentage for money to continue the effort is very much
frowned on and as I said before the big flashy animals get all the government
backing and pay of the scientists and technician to do the research. Fish are most
often left to individuals who are obsessive about the species in question.
some of the people on this list are responsible in some degree for the
preservation of certain species by donating time, effort and sometimes even money.
Think of how difficult that would be across international borders. Money makes
the world go around and the fish world lacks money most of all. I know that
money often corrupts the very system that is trying to help but it doesn't
always have to be that way. I know from personal experience that
Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermanni is hurting most of all due to almost total lack of money to
start a breeding program. Not to mention the government of the region simply
not caring in anyway about the fish. I put people from here with the
expertise in contact with people from there with no expertise but access to the fish
but total lack of a source of money kept anything from really happening. My
suggestion of using the pet trade to generate money was completely blocked by
the cities people even though the people involved were professionals and not
just shade tree breeders looking for a quick buck. maybe it's not always like
this but governments help big flashy animals, individuals help the less
conspicuous animals that most people don't even know exist.

Michael Hissom
aurea mediocritas
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