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Fri, 26 May 2006 23:34:24 -0700 (PDT)

I have not had this condition, but know a few
killifish breeders who said if they touch the
bloodworms they must get to the ER or use and epi. pen
to be able to breath. It is like all things that you
can be allergic too. Some people have no reaction
others have mild reactions and some people can die
from it. I am deathly allergic to tomatoes. Can you
imagine the looks I get from people who think I am
just saying that so they will make me a new sandwich
or such when restraunt makes the mistake of putting a
tomatoe on my food? Yet I can roll in pioson ivy and
oak without ever breaking out. My ex had to go to the
ER after we went hiking once because I did not think
about it being a problem and walked her through a
patch of poison oak. Her allergy was bad but not life
threating. I am also a beekeeper ad have gotten stung
upto 50 times in one day with no swelling, yet others
get one sting and their air way closes up.

Some use disposable rubber gloves to feed blood
worms to their fish due to the allergy issues. But
they only break out like you are talking about when
they do have contact. The risk is not worth the effort
if you are severely allergic in my opinion.

I have fed the freeze dried blood worms but never
the frozen or fresh. The freeze dried are less likely
to give you a reaction from what I have been told, but
do not know if it is true. I just have no need in
feeding with frozen foods when I have grindal worms,
redworms, wingless fruit flies to feed young and adult
killies. The dried blood worms were fed to my betta as
a treat before I got back into raising fish and
keeping live food cultures again.

Later, John

--- Hold The Cow! <> wrote:

> > It is a common allergy. So people can actually die
> > from touching a frozen cube of them. I have no
> idea
> > what the compound is that causes this. This is one
> of
> > the reasons I do not use blood worms for feeding
> my
> > fish. But I raise several live foods so they are
> not
> > needed anyway.
> >
> > Later John
> John, are you saying that you also get this
> reaction? It says above that
> this allergy can cause death? Or was that a typo?
> Rob

John Cox of Cumberland Killifish
Honey Robber beekeeping and removal services

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