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Sat, 27 May 2006 20:59:55 -0700 (PDT)

Unfornately you will have to be tested or get stung
to find out. Allergies do work both ways. Sometimes
the more you have contact the more your body reacts
and sometimes with more contact your body gets immune
to it. I got stung about 15 times 2 weeks ago. I got
stung 2 times today from my bees. A mosquetoe bite has
a much worse reaction than a bee sting on me. The bee
sting hurts like a thorn or needle prick but is over.
The mossy bite is painless then leaves an ichy sore. I
did take about 40 stings one day doing a hive removal
from a house and got dizzy headed and motion sickness
from the dizziness. The next day I took a few more
stings with no reaction. Anytime you get these high
sting counts they can turn your immune system against
you or make it stronger. I would hate to develope and
allergy to my bees as they are also my medicine. I
make bees sting me in my back if I do not get many
stings to releave muscle spasms. I have even thought
about getting a hive for inside the house so I can
collect a couple bees in the winter for stings. The
bee stings work better than those dang shots they put
in my back and hurt less.

Later, John

--- Mysteryman <> wrote:

> Toxicodendron type plants don't phase me, no foods
> bother me, and
> bloodworms haven't been a problem. I do wonder about
> beestings, though.
> I used to be a beekeeper, and in the first few years
> the stings were no
> problem for me other than the usual painful
> annoyance they're supposed
> to be. Time & time again I've heard about how over
> time beekeepers
> become pretty much immune to the stings, but in
> spite of that I started
> having worse & worse reactions. One day there was an
> accident and a hive
> tipped over, and in seconds flat I was a walking
> bee-tree. I got stung
> over 80 times, and, to put it simply, I had a very
> lousy week.
> A few weeks after that I got stung again, but the
> swelling, pain &
> redness were far worse than normal. I gave up
> beekeeping-in-that point,
> and haven't been stung once in years. What do you
> guys think? Am I
> probably allergic to them now, or do allergies work
> that way? Was that
> bad sting a result of the recent heavy exposure, or
> am I likely now
> permanently allergic, or if I was, might it have
> worn off by now anyway?
> This is something I suppose I really oughta know,
> but I don't relish the
> thought of experimentation, so I'm hoping some of
> you are experts on the
> subject.

John Cox of Cumberland Killifish
Honey Robber beekeeping and removal services

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