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Sun, 28 May 2006 11:37:59 -0700 (PDT)

Have you tried contacting local beekeepers to remove
the hive? I know I do removals from walls/houses from
time to time. But you may already know how big a job
it is to do. I removed one from the inside as it was a
brick home. The sheetrock is much easier to rework
than the brick would have been. Actually sheet rock is
real easy to fix after the removal.

Sorry about this getting off topic from fish but
yall may need this service someday.

Later, John

--- Mysteryman <> wrote:

> Bummer. Well, that's about what I figured. The thing
> is, my house is
> infested with bees, that is, they have established a
> hive in my walls.
> My whole bathroom buzzes. Only two individuals have
> managed to enter the
> interior of my house, but I suspect that I'll
> eventually get stung. I
> considered gassing them, but then the other vermin
> would just enjoy a
> bounty of unguarded honey. I just can't win.
> Oh well, as long as I remain free of any allergies
> to fish, I'm a happy guy!
> Trey
> Yellow River/ Conecuh River
> AL/FL border area

John Cox of Cumberland Killifish
Honey Robber beekeeping and removal services

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