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Hey, Moontanman, have you heard about Sturgeon City in NC? I figure that
you couldn't have possibly missed it, but if you did, prepare for
joygasm: They're hiring! Anyway, I would think that those guys could
hook you up with all the shovelnoses you could ever want.

Unfortunately the shovelnose isn't native to Sturgeon City, NC or any where
else in NC. We have the Atlantic and the Shortnose, both of which are rare and
in trouble in their native environment. The Shortnose is the main reason
Sterlets are illegal in NC. The Sterlet (If released and established in the
wild) would be in direct competition with the shortnose both as an adult and as
a juvenile. Both the Atlantic and the Shortnose reproduce in freshwater but
the they live in brackish for the shortnose and-in-sea for the Atlantic. The
European Sterlet lives in brackish water much like the Shortnose sturgeon, is
pretty much the same size and travels back up stream to breed in similar a
way. Establishment of the Sterlet in coastal waters would make a come back by
the Shortnose sturgeon even more difficult than it already is. I'm not sure how
much competition there would be between the Atlantic Sturgeon and the
Sterlet but the Atlantic Sturgeon is a much bigger fish than the Sterlet is-in-
adulthood and the Atlantic sturgeon lives further out-in-sea when not breeding.

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