Re: NANFA-L-- Salt water natives

Mysteryman (
Tue, 30 May 2006 20:57:35 -0700

Harry Thames wrote:

>I would be interested
>I live in Mobile, AL. I have always wanted to keep some of the local salt
>water fish but I have limited space for my tanks. Also I admit am a little
>intimidated by the whole salt water thing.
Not to fear, Harry. There are only a few simple things to bear in mind,
and once you account for those, saltwater is a snap.

1-- The pH in saltwater is much higher than in most freshwater tanks,
around 8.3-8.4, and as such the toxicity of ammonia is much higher. On
the plus side, nitrite isn't a problem since the salt effectively
neutralizes it.
2-- Saltwater doesn't hold as much oxygen as freshwater does.
3-- The sea is vast, and the fishes within aren't very able to handle
much adversity, having evolved in a very stable environment.

Sounds terrible, doesn't it? Well, just employ good
aeration/circulation, use BioSpira to instantly cycle the tank ( or
Stability to do it in a week ) and keep only a few critters. Probems
You'll also find that there are fewer diseases to contend with, and
while they are very nasty, they are also very easy to cure. A freshwater
dip series can eliminate some of them altogether while-in-least
rendering the others harmless during treatment. Feeding might prove the
biggest obstacle, but probably less of one than faced by many freshwater
native fish keepers. Wrasses & blennies will take prepared foods much
more readily than darters will, for example.
Good luck with your new project! ( not that you'll need any )
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