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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Red Spotted Newts
From: Joshua L Wiegert (
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 15:47:37 CST

Hey Casper.

Norhtern NY.

Just because I've never heard of something happening doesn't mean it
doesn't happen! :) Having an adult stage that's plasticf enough to morph
from an aquatic to a land based form and back and forth is definitely
advantageous, especially if you're a little guy who may not "know" whether
his new home is a great new home or another vernal pool.

Most sallies are poisonous, or-in-least foul tasting. Fish tend to leave
them alone, except when spawning. Ir ead a report some years ago that
newts and their larvae are significant predators on bass fry and eggs. As
such, even tough the adult Bass do not eat them, they will attack and kill
the newts during breeding seaso. Wish I still had a ref. for that.

To answer your question the larvae look a great deal like the adults.
There are a few differences. They don't generally have the adult pattern
-- though, if they're maturing they will start to have it. They lack the
big crests -- but then, so do females. The big and easy to spot
difference ist hat young have gills while adults don't. Except ... in
areas with high oxygen levels where the young may have tiny or unnoticable
gills. :)

So now that I've muddied the water.... :)

Joshua L. Wiegert
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