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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- plants and soil
From: Crail, Todd (farmertodd at
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 11:45:58 CDT

> I think that there is a difference in the organics here.

So there's two different types of carbon? You're loosing me here Nick :)

> I don't believe that it is going to chance the color of
> your water like the tannins in the wood does.

Certainly more intense, but I'm not sure about them being any different.

> Furthermore, I suspect that you have looked at a 55K bulb
> next to a 65K bulb next to others? Not only is there a difference between
> the color temp, but also between different manufacturers of each K. My
> I had set up had 3- 175 watt halides. I put 55K in one, 65K in another
> a 10K in the third just to see the effect. I can not tell you the
> difference between the 55 and 65 alone. Both looked rather yellow.

They would look yellow next to a 10k, if the 10k were considered "the
standard". However, I look at the "looking glass" differently. I think a
10k looks too blue next to the new generation 5500k or 6500k because I set
my baseline at what things look like under the sun to my eyes. Since my
sinuses suck and I can't go more than 8 feet under water, I've never had the
experience of seeing a blue light natural system. It's all about
preferences and scope, and I'm not sure why we're spending time debating a
"taste" issue :)

> Were you a reefer...

Yes, yes and yes... In fact I was still using the 6500k prior to the DL
enhancement _in spite_ of 10, 12, 14 and 20k solutions (for reasons of PAR
output), had talked to Sanjay in person about this before and during the
time he ran these tests, etc. I would say the most fair treatment of these
data would be in context (including which ballast was driving them) and can
be found on the Advanced Aquarist Magazine website or, if it exists still,
somewhere in the pages of Aquarium Frontiers (which I think he was only
looking at 400 watt at that time). I'm sure that Shane Graber could chime
in volumes of information about all of this as well, has probably talked to
Sanjay in much greater detail than I have, because, well, Shane is going to
hold Sanjay's attention longer just because they're two peas in a pod and
I'm one of those arrogant biology geeks who just wants the basics of the
physics, and I'm off to the next big thing :)

So to draw this back to what my question really was... rhetorical question
that it was lol

There are tannins in my system. Is the source the wood? Is the source
80lbs of potting soil?

As I turn my focus away from killing wee beasties with a water change
tonight... I will begin to dissect the question and arrive at a solution to
the question.

My lights are preferential. It's just really danged convenient that they
cost $65 less per bulb ;)

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH

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