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Date: Mon Oct 04 2004 - 14:30:21 CDT

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> However, I'm not so sure about sturgeon and paddlefish. They really need to
> change scenery frequently, and end up banged up when they can't. For
> example, my least favorite fish exhibit at the Toledo Zoo is where they have
> sturgeon and walleye. The fish look like they've been to Hell and back from
> banging into the sides.

I have to agree with Todd on this, in my quest to find a shovelnose sturgeon
I know that someday I will have to provide an extra large tank for them to
live properly. I have plans to make a 12'L X 4'W X 2'T tank out of plywood to
house it eventually. the shovelnose sturgeon is one of the best suited to
captivity because it is more slender and not as stiff and more maneuverable that
other bigger sturgeons but eventually it will have to have a big tank. A 220 would
probably be ok for an adult fish as long at it was on the smaller end of the
shovelnose scale about 18" to 24" I would like to see my fish reach their full
adult size so a bigger tank is necessary a 110 might do but the fish would
have to calm and sedentary


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