RE: NANFA-L-- President Bush, Electrical Barriers,and Asian Carps

Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- President Bush, Electrical Barriers,and Asian Carps
From: Bob Sinclair (rjs at
Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 21:55:23 CDT


I, for one, do not remember the discussions 4 years ago.


Santa Barbara CA
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Tom Watson
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  This list has just begun to recover from a couple of set-backs. Partisan
politics will kill this list (and possibly this organization). Doesn't
anyone remember the discussions 4 years ago? Lets get back to a civil
discussion of native fish...

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> Bruce:
> I would be tempted to say roughly the view of all
> the bashing of President Bush and his entire administration
> by the Sierra Club and all other environmentalist groups I've
> seen making any comments about whether or not our President
> (mine, at least) is or is not concerned with the protection
> of our environment.
> Haven't you seen the barrage of anti-Bush rhetoric, alleging
> that President Bush and his administration are in the pocket
> of the petroleum industry...and the lumber industry...and just
> about whatever other segment of "Big Business" you care to
> bring up?
> Our next door neighbors (whom we otherwise like very much) are
> tenured members of the notoriously left-leaning faculty of
> nearby U. S. Santa Barbara. You should hear them railing about
> this. Since we do like them both, Anne and studiously avoid
> discussing either the environment or politics in general with
> either.
> Bob Sinclair
> Santa Barbara CA
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> And you say this because... ?
> --Bruce Stallsmith
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>>Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 16:55:21 EDT
>>Obviously, the Sierra club is opposed to this.

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