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Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 17:21:50 CDT

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> Hi Gang,
> Are like-sized grass pickerel gregarious? Or are they territorial at a
> certain size? I've seen evidence both ways in the field.
> But if they play nice... I have a fishless 30 long that's just screaming for
> a 3 pack :)
> Actually, it might not be that bad to have a single specimen and his
> gut-loaded Notropis and Pimephales tasty bits. Hmmmm....

I've never noticed redfin pickerels hanging around together but I have seen
chain pickerel hanging together in groups in the wild. I have kept redfins
together in the same tank and as long as they were of similar size I never noticed
any aggression between them. As long as they had plenty of food I've kept
small ones with bigger ones with no problem.


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