NANFA-L-- Native fish haiku contest

Irate Mormon (archimedes at
Mon, 10 Oct 2005 22:22:16 -0400

Since the list has seemed quiet the last few days, and I am weary of quoting
other people's poetry, I thought it would be fun to do a haiku contest. The
winner could win a dipnet or something, if somebody wants to donate one :-) The
winner shall be judged by popular acclaim.

Anyway, the rule is that it has to pertain to native fishes. I'll kick it off
with a few to get things going. Most of these are just for fun; some I put
actual thought into.

Under Amber Moon,
Poacher's arrow targets gar.
Warden nabs his ass.
A madtom stung me
On the ball of my right thumb.
He's dead and sorry.
With a monstrous maw
Stretching and straining wider,
Sculpin swallows prey.
Diablo's holdout:
Thrashing in the desert sun,
Pupfish perishes.
Climbing out of creek,
The game warden yells to me,
"What's in the bucket?"
How was I to know,
Happily seining minnows,
This was a trout stream?

In addition to the contest, I challenge folks to complete the following verse,
which is from a very famous haiku, with their own:

As the Spring rains fall


Crusted in boogers,
Stained with Kool-Aid, baby has face
Only Mama loves
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