Re: NANFA-L-- Moribund fish & Life Outside

Todd D. Crail (tcrail at UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Mon, 24 Oct 2005 13:37:08 -0400

Patrick Ceas wrote:

That would be me. Thought all the new orangethroat species would be in
print by now, but you know how it goes when moving to a new state,
becoming a first-time father, etc. Still not a great excuse, but stay
tuned because the remaining spectabile publications will be coming soon!!

Also, as Steve mentioned, Kyle Piller is deeply involved with the
blennioides complex so I would imagine that Rex has been in contact with
Kyle. see

And I think that somewhere Chris has written a nice piece about
species/subspecies designations, etc. Didn't you, Chris?

Pat Ceas

matt ashton wrote:

Isn't spectabile being broken into species more recently? I just was
mentioning to someone this morning about the "Caney Fork Darter" which was
part of the spectabile complex but described as a species in 1997 by a UIUC
student in his PhD dissertation.

And if someone could quickly clarrify for me what the major points are in
the difference between a subspecies as part of a species complex is and the
clade designation Todd is talking about. In the grand large picture scheme
of things isn't it just the same thing but using different adjectives or
different methods to describe it.

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