Re: NANFA-L-- orangethoat variation

ichthos at
Tue, 25 Oct 2005 17:00:48 +0000

from Pat Ceas:

Orangethroat - yes
Cumberland - no
Ozark - no
Caney Fork - yes (the correct common name for this fish will be "Ihiyo" darter, pronounced i-HE-yo (short i, long e, long o), which is a Cherokee translation of "Caney Fork")

Sorry, but I really shouldn't say more until the papers are published. I just thought that I'd toss a couple of pictures out there as an example to any non-believers who doubt that we are still finding new species of fishes in North America. Just because these species weren't described in, say, the 1800's or early 1900's does not mean that they are not "good" species (in fact, there are even some existing notes from these earlier ichthyologists that indicate they were somewhat aware of this diversity, but they were too busy looking at other fishes).

FYI, we now refer to the whole species complex as "orangethroat darters," just we we use the term "snubnose darters" or "logperch darters" to refer to those particular groups of related species.

Oh, and orangethroat specimens from the Upper Cumberland/Cordell Hull are E. lawrencei, the headwater darter (published 2002) -- this paper included a map with distributions of some of the still undescribed orangethroat species, so I'll make a pdf of the map for anyone interested.

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