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Mysteryman (bestfish at
Mon, 31 Oct 2005 11:57:40 -0800

ichthos at wrote:

>>What is the purpose of breeding tubercles?
>Tubercles typically serve two functions, depending on the species. They are body armor and weapons against other males during territorial squabbles, and they are spawning aides, helping males maintain contact with females and in some cases stimulating females to spawn.
>Chris Scharpf
To add to that, if you were to watch closely during spawning, you'd
notice that in many species the male rubs his tubercules over the
female's side near the vent. This "goosing" prompts her to drop her
eggs. Ribbed for her pleasure, I guess. Well, maybe not, but it definitely
lets her know that he's in position, paying attention, and ready to
intercept falling eggs.

Those combative species with the huge tubercules use them much like a
deer uses it's antlers.
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