Re: NANFA-L-- NANFA is more than this list!

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- NANFA is more than this list!
psalm119.111 at
Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 00:00:43 CDT

I was a member in the 80's, bred and kept natives, wrote some articles and agree with Andy it was a great organization then. I think in many ways it has gotten better though not in every way, but no organization is going to suit everyones every desire so I don't expect that.

The camfire is a great analogy but the advantage the campfire has is you are face to face, new folks can get to know each other much easier around a cmapfire, emotions and intent are easier to grasp in person as well. The email list falls short there, in fact it's even easier to be rude or offensive on line.

Although the off topic posts seem to be drawing the attention in this discussion and somtimes did get out of hand, I believe the real problem was the opinion of some that list members should have the right to speak their mind with little or no respect for others. Again the list has a shortcoming in that one doesn't know everyone well enough to discern what might be offensive to each and every other list member. Around a campfire that can be discovered fairly easily and people generally are more courteous in person.

The get togethers and conventions really help offset the list's shortcomings something that didn't have to be offset in the 80's.
I feel somewhat responsible for a lot of this discontentment as it seems to have boiled over with my emotional response to Moon some months ago. Ironically and perhaps a good illustration of my point is the fact that at the convention I met, collected with and enjoyed hours of conversation with Moon. It seems if we want the campfire atmosphere on line we need to recognise a need to offset the list's shortcomings. The Board has done a great job with an extremely difficult situation but I'm not expecting perfection, they're doing much better than I could.

By the way lower postings may be partially related to the short stopage/change experienced after the conference or people are busy with other things such as breeding those conference caught natives.

Mike Lucas
Mohawk-Hudson Watershed
Schenectady NY

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