Re: NANFA-L-- A word from the NANFA past

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- A word from the NANFA past
From: Bob Muller (michiganfish at
Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 06:04:41 CDT

  I feel what makes NANFA great is the combination of academics, wildlife professionals and those f us that have had a life long interest in these incredible North American fishes. This is what makes NANFA not just another aquarium fish club. There is nothing wrong with them, I a member and on the board of one. The addition of the above-mentioned people adds a dimension to NANFA, it gave people like me the opportunity to find out things about fishes I would not here at a aquarium club. As for American currents it is a great magazine and I believe the combination of articles from different disciplines is what makes it great. I take exception with the comment that there are no fish breeding articles. I have had a breeding article in every other AC for I think the last four years. Come on write some articles Chris will publish them. Where are the people in this club interested in breeding fish? The breeders award program has been up and running for at least three years. I have received four (4) reports of breeding! On the old list when I sent in a message about something I had breed there was never any comment on it unless it was some thing colorful like rainbow shiners. I breed burrhead shiners the new book on Alabama fishes still says nothing has been published on there biology. You'll see something in AC soon! From the list the only comment I got on the burrheads was from the academics. Lets stop all this, and talk about fish. Hay just breed lowland shiners from the SC convention. Anyone else working with any of the Petronotropis? Say something make the list work!


  Bob Muller


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