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If this doesn't tell what's important, nothing will. My hat is off to
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i like native fish.
i like learning about native fish.
i like sharing stories about native fish.
i like snorkeling with native fish.
i like talking about native fish.
i like sitting around campfires and talking about native fish.
i like hearing about native fish.
i like camping next to a stream filled with native fish.
thats why im on this list.
im excited about taking my son up to ranger bob's this weekend and spending
time with other folks interested and excited about native fish. we might even
eat some of the big ones.
you know... those big bass eat a lot of my favorite native fish.
and you know... NANFA is all about native fish and that is what im involved.
im in the great state of tennessee where we have everything but a coast line
and the most diverse specie list of...
native fish.
you know... our differences are pretty small when we look at what brings us
no one should get all bent out of shape when things do not go exactly the
way they desire.
we are a diverse group of enthusiasts and none of our hardworking members
are paid in gold, or cash or u.s. currency but hopefully repaid in the pleasure
and appreciation of what we are doing.
nanfa IS volunteers. do what YOU can do to help enhance what brings us
together. we ALL have either skills, gifts, moneys, knowledge or time to make this
a better organization.
let US make it so.
some of my thank you's from my personal experience with nanfa...
thank you chris for a great magazine, one i look forward to recieving 4
times a year.
thank you stephanie for keeping our finances organized and chris loved.
thank you chip and dustin for hosting last years sc convention.
thank you phil nixon for your auctioneering skills and artwork.
thank you joe tomerleri for your life dedication to wonderful native fish
thank you farmer todd for your website work.
thank you to jan for your students, work, and offerings.
thank you peter for getting the list back up and being a real aussie.
thank you bob for breeding, sharing and developing the breeders program.
thank you dave nelly for being active and sharing with us enthusiasts.
thank you cfi for dedicating your life's work to endangered native fish.
thank you steven for organizing trips, your great fish reports and
thank you ranger bob for hosting trips and setting up native tanks for all
the public to appreciate.
have i forgotten you?
thank you jay delong for all your past work and efforts in support of nanfa.
have i forgotten anyone?
thank you to our members who write articles about native fish.
thank you to the BOD and active regional reps for donating their time in a
constructive way to better our nanfa.
thank you bg and bessie for a wonderful visit to your louisiana home with my
young family.
thank you martin for a great fish camp and cooking.
thank you mark and susan for books, edits, gear and hospitality.
thank you stott for beer can chicken.
thank you klaus for your scribings and engravings.
thank you geoff for driving 5 and 5 hours and delivering all your native
fish to my cement pond.
who else?
thank you leo for your excellent carving skills donated to nanfa and
fulfilling tangerine dreams.
thank you bruce for a southern huntsville hospitality from a yankee.
thank you ray for your quick sharing of knowledge to my and others inquiries.
thank you brian for hosting the nanfa 2005 conference arkansas! yeah brian!
thank you to all the people that contribute to our love for native fish.
this is what nanfa is about.
there are 500 of us. we all can contribute. many have! come on... lets work
together and stay excited and enthused.
have i forgotten you?
maybe, probably as there are so many that help make nanfa a great
organization. but dont whine! contribute. help out. write articles. put up posters.
teach kids. learn. be a member, be a productive part of the whole.
this is what NANFA is to me.


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