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Subject: NANFA-L-- Almost endangered
From: Bob Muller (michiganfish at
Date: Mon Sep 06 2004 - 12:15:57 CDT

The Riffles in the latest AC had an article on the Endangered Species Act. This really hit home as one of the fishes waiting for protection, I have one in my tanks. Last spring a friend that had gone on a NFC collecting trip, that I believe was in Missouri, gave me some Arkansas darters he had collected. It was late enough in the spring that all the daters I was working with had stopped spawning. The male still had colors so I set them up in a spawning tank but got no eggs. I figured I would try again next spring and get some photos then. Both "The Fishes of Missouri" and "Fishes of Arkansas" said nothing about these fish being threatened. Two things come into play here, morality and the law. If I had been on the trip and been told they were waiting for the last 15.5 years to be placed on the Endangered list I don't believe I would have kept any. I do not think the person that collected them had this information. Now the law, if tomorrow they are listed what do I do? It would be illegal to have the fish, I could and would not release them and I do not kill fish that I am keeping.

 Could someone with knowledge of the Endangered Species Act please let me know what action I should take if something already in someone posession is listed?

 Bob Muller


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