RE: NANFA-L-- Native Pitcher Plant

Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- Native Pitcher Plant
From: Laura Burbage (leuhrich at
Date: Mon Sep 13 2004 - 14:33:34 CDT

It was me that had them. I've had them for a few
years, and they had multiplied to where I had too
many. They were originally propagated as part of a
conservation program. They are of wild stock, but the
ones I brought to the auction were not wild collected.
 My originals were from seed, while the ones I brought
were divisions. Unfortunately, I only have 10 right
now, so not enough to give/sell. You can buy them
online, but do be careful that it is from a reputable
dealer whom you trust is selling only propagated
specimens, as they are endangered in all states in
which they occur. Also, if it is important to you,
many dealers sell hybrids between this and other
species, as well as odd genetic variants of the
species (it's more of a horticultural thing). The
species I brought were Sarracenia leucophylla, the
white-topped pitcher plant.

I am so pleased that they are doing well; they really
are like children to me. I am glad that you like
them, Michael. They really have been some of my
favorite garden plants.


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