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Dave, I wasn't picking on you. You are not the only one to mention LMB. That
is what I gather myself for the disdain of this fish. And personally, don't
think it would be in the top ten choices for a national fish. Just because
for the fact it is kind of the de facto national fish as it is.

My ,again, personal dislike of a cyprinid is that they are world wide in
distribution. Then again, picking one of the super attractive species would
have merit. One of the pternotropis - especially welaka or hubbsi, or the
Rainbow shiner even. If anyone who has not seen a rainbow shiner in
captivity, let alone in the wild, these things would blow away any tetra in
color and interest. I know several people who have spawned them in their
homes. And even more who keep them. Even in a small ten gallon tank, the
antics and coloration of Rainbow shiners is spectacular. But, again,
personally pretty minnows I don't think make a national symbol.

 I think something on the large side, something interesting. Something that
might just get another segment of the public interested in fish. That is why
LMB will not work either. Everyone who knows, knows this fish.

Here is my example of what I think could happen. Pick gar. People who could
care less about fish before, or never thought of anything but goldfish might
get interested. Why did they pick this fish? Why such a nasty fish? I am
hoping these and questions like these would get people interested. After
they are interested in a slighlty more obscure , but large personable fish
( after finding out more about them), they might just want to find out about
some of the smaller "hidden" ones.

That is all, I was just voicing opinion, and trying to stick up for some
fish that doesn't really need any help, LMB that is.


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