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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Upcoming Ohio NANFA Events
From: Todd Crail (farmertodd at
Date: Sun Sep 19 2004 - 22:01:46 CDT

Now how cool is that?!? Thanks for the tidbit Klaus! :)

I think I actually get _more_ excited about Paint Creek than I do about the
Darby. The Darby, well, you almost expect it. But it's like you actually
found something different and unique in Paint Creek, like some early
explorer :)

...specially considering all those Notropids I couldn't ID last fall. I
know where I missed the silver/rosyface ID, but I _swear_ I found bigeye
shiner (which would be the first range re-expansion in 100 years for the
species in Ohio) and there were others I was like "Uhhh... Back in ya go..."

Hopefully Dr. C comes along ;)

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH

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From: "Al G Eaton" <sege7_2000 at>

> those cliffs are shear and are the reason its called
> paint creek. The rocks were ground and used as war
> paint by the local indians.
> Klaus

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