Re: NANFA-L-- Caulerpa Qs (Again!)

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- Caulerpa Qs (Again!)
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Date: Mon Sep 20 2004 - 02:39:40 CDT

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> I have a 46 gallon tank with a prizm dlx and 96w of power compact light. It
> has 4" of aragonite with future caulerpa as the main decoration (no live
> sand yet). The tank will have a queen conch. How much food should I add? I am
> afraid that the food will just be collected by the skimmer and the tank will
> never cycle. Also, will using food add phosphates to the water? That's what I
> was told about cycling freshwater aquariums.

What type of filtration are you using? I'm not sure a protein skimmer will
work as the only artificial filtration without live rock to filter the water.
Are you going to add a bacteria culture? I would add the bacteria, plant the
caulerpa, and add the conch (if it is a small one) conchs should be tough enough
to cycle through as long as you don't add anything else and you add the
bacteria culture. Just go slowly, make sure you don't feed more than the conch can
eat, don't let any food lay around. are you planning to monitor the ammonia
levels and all that stuff?


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