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Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- plants and soil
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Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 19:59:32 CDT

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> Are you sure the yellow color isn't due to the 55K bulbs? Even though
> they
> are "daylight", they do make things look very yellow. 65K's would
> definitley be better, but they even look yellow. Remember your reefer
> days?

I thought the point of "reefer daze" was to _NOT_ remember? ;)-~

When Iwasaki made the DL enhancement to the 6500k lamp, it was a totally
different ballgame. White light was WHITE light, instead of <ahem> vintage
yellow. Soon after, Venture either reverse engineered the capacitors and
all that junk they put on the DL lamps (have you seen a DL lamp? It looks
like a car engine) or engineered their own, and made an even more affordable
facsimile for the 5500k and 6500k (250 watt).

Case point: My final 75 gallon Soft Coral and LPS system

That's illuminated by two Venture 5500k 175w halides driven by a PFO
ballast. That's it. The only thing that's yellow in that picture is that
Sarcophyton and those Parazoanthus ;) Those Sinularia in front of it are
the screaming green "Mr. Personality" sells, so yes, the flourescence is
lost and diminishes to a pale yellow white... But not at the cost of having
to look at a blue light special tank. My mantra in front of those is

And so, on my little "reef-le" thing I have going... When I do an 80% water
change... The tank looks like this as well, just minus all that phat marine

It's either the wood or the soil leaching tannins. I'm betting on the wood.
The "R" in PAR of the lamps may be degrading it out of the wood faster than
normal too.


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