Re: NANFA-L-- plants and soil/wood

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- plants and soil/wood
From: Jim Graham (jimbob54 at
Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 20:22:40 CDT

When I do an 80% water
> change... The tank looks like this as well, just minus all that phat
> marine color.
> It's either the wood or the soil leaching tannins. I'm betting on the
> wood. The "R" in PAR of the lamps may be degrading it out of the wood
> faster than normal too.
> Todd
I have a large piece of wood in the tank in my living room that is 30" tall
and parts of it are 24" across. I had it outdoors weighted down in a horse
trough for three years to try to get it to sink and after three years it
finally got to the point of being neutrally buoyant so I moved it inside and
wedged it in the tank. It's been inside three years and after two weeks the
water starts looking brown and if I don't do a water change it just gets
darker and darker.

Jim Graham
Hastings MI
Carter Lake, Thornapple River drainage

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