Re: NANFA-L-- Florida Coastal Expedition

Prizma at
Thu, 1 Sep 2005 11:02:07 EDT

aw chris...
you make me blush. :)
i sure hope we have a good time and expect to. most everything is in place
and the hurricanes, biting yellow flies and summer heat will be gone.
october/november and spring are my favorite times to visit the forgotten coast. yet
still warm enough to swim and wade.
yea... nothing like fresh seafood! oysters, mullet, fresh crabs, shrimp,
flounder. im hoping ranger bob will go again and catch us some speckled trout
from the fsu dock. mullet may be running and fried roe and milt are served
locally... grossed me out way back when i lived on the beach there in '79 and
'80. kinda like to give it a try now. mullet fed the masses during the
depression. today it is kinda looked down on as a poor man's fish but that is a
shameful attitude. smoked mullet is excellent. amazing fish to see hurdling over
the bow of your canoe too.
ive learned a bunch of cool places to snorkel and seine. back water swamps,
gravel bars, clear lakes, ditchs, barrow pits, the stunning wakula river,
springs, sinkholes. this area is such a cool place to experience. i know it
well. this is the driest part of the year too. condensed, low water for more fish
per siene haul and snorkel view.
ive got some great fishheads signed up plus i hope tate's hell forester ace
haddock and biologist justin will spend time w/ us again.

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