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OK Mike, below is a message from NANFA member Brian Jones, the chief
aquarist at the Estuarium display operated by the Dauphin Island Sea Lab on
the Alabama coast. It was originally addressed to Willy Bemis at UMass.

--Bruce Stallsmith
on the Tennessee
Huntsville, AL, US of A
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>Thanks for the well-wishes. The lab did amazingly well through the
>devastation that hit MS and LA. Here's an update that John sent out today.
>Hope you and your family are doing well.
>My house luckily sustained no damage...unfortunately Steve had about 4ft of
>water in his.

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>I am sorry if you have tried to reach me, the cigular cell service on
>Dauphin Island is worse than ever, the tower may have been turned. Like
>most of you I have had no power in Mobile and no phone. The lab made it
>through Katrina in great shape. There was no water in the building other
>than what blew under doors. All roofs are intact with a few shingles
>missing from DHP, Horizon and Galethea. The rotap room under Galethea
>out and debris is scattered along the edge of the road and up to Dr.
>Croziers house. Generators are running on Wet Lab, MSH and Estuarium.
>There are 3 power poles over the water that are snapped off and two poles
>near heron bay bridge that are broken. WE have no word on power yet but
>water should be at the east end by Friday or Sat. At this time Dr. Crozier
>does not want anyone to come back to the lab. With no power there is
>nothing that can be done. The Wilson, and small boats are back but the
>status of the Verrill is unknown. I am flying tomorrow to see if I can
>the vessel in the Pascagula River. I have asked maintenance to come in for
>a half day tomorrow and maybe Friday to clean the debris from the parking
>lot behind Dr. Crozier's office. As soon as I get a status report on power
>to the island I will let everyone know. The west end of Dauphin Island is
>unbelievable. There must be over 200 homes gone and many more that are
>50% destroyed. The west end where the house are has multiple cuts where
>what blasted through and a mile beyond the houses the island is cut and
>over a 1/2 mile across with the rest of the island flatened.
>one last item, the large sand dune that was south of the basketball course
>is now on the basketball course, even Dr. Aronson could dunk the ball now
>thanks for your patience
>John Dindo
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>Brian Jones
>Estuarium Senior Aquarist
>Dauphin Island Sea Lab
>Dauphin Island, Alabama
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