NANFA-L-- Re: Smell of H2S

Jerry Baker (nanfa at
Tue, 06 Sep 2005 20:52:42 -0700

Crail, Todd wrote:
> Hi Gerald,
> While H2S is definately a caustic molecule as it acts like cyanide in the
> bloodstream, binding iron at certain levels that may seem low (in micrograms
> per Liter)... My understanding is that it takes such a concentration of H2S to
> reach the levels where LD50 tests have shown mortality in fathead minnows due
> specifically to H2S (like you would literally begin to barf as it evolved from
> the tank)

I've never understood why people find the smell of sulfur so offensive.
Stink bombs and mild to moderate amounts of H2S do not offend my nose in
the slightest. I surely can smell them, but it just smells like ...
well, sulfur. Skunks are the same way - strong, but not overly
offensive. Now, rotting chicken triggers an involuntary gag reflex though.
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